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Common description

Genting is a legendary brainchild of a very brave Chinese. Once, in the late sixties, a Malaysian billionaire of Chinese origin Lim Goh Tor decided to invest his fortune in the ambitious project, which was supposed to turn the quiet highlands of Malaysia on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor into the most popular casino Southeast Asia.
The first extra mile of Lim Goh Tor was paving the way from Kuala Lumpur through the age-old jungle not for fifteen years as it was planned but just in three years! Then, step by step, overcoming skepticism and disbelief of friends, he had an unequal struggle with nature and won obstinate mountain streams putting them in water reservoirs and tanks. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for several years, Mr. Lim was working on his idea hard, and survived six heart attacks to finally spend all the money and even sold his rubber plantation to create this masterpiece on top of the mountain.
Today Genting includes twenty first-class hotels, the only legal casino in Malaysia, great golf courses, amusement parks, dozens of restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers and a variety of rides on top of the mountain (1760 meters above the sea level) with stunning panoramic views of the valley, overgrown with jungle, living the same as he is constantly crowded and noisy entertainment complex.
People come here to take a break from the tropical heat in the cool mountain air, to win a couple of hundred ringgits a casino or remembering their childhood and have fun in a huge water park. "Las Vegas of Malaysia", "entertainment city" - this is how they call this place, and yet, in spite of rapidly running time, Genting matching this title.
Getting to Genting
Most travellers will start their journey from Kuala Lumpur, the nearest city which is linked by a highway and two major trunk roads. Visitors from Singapore will first travel to Kuala Lumpur (3 hours) via the North-South Highway. From Kuala Lumpur, the most popular route is the Karak Highway which is accessed from the end of the MRR2 Freeway in Ampang/Gombak. Drive time takes about an hour, with a distance covering approximately 35km to the peak. The seemingly slow drive is due to the windy and steep mountain road that starts from the base of Genting Highlands. The Karak Highway charges a toll rate of MYR5, but free access is available via trunk route from Batang Kali/Ulu Yam (from Rawang) or Gombak (old Bentong road).
Buses travel to Genting Highlands daily from various destinations around Kuala Lumpur, either directly to the resort or ending at Genting Skyway (cable car station). Departures continue throught the day and night at ticket prices between MYR5-12, depending on location from KL. While there are special routes from major shopping malls and urban residential areas, catering mostly for gamblers, the major bus routes begin from KL Sentral, Pudu Sentral (Puduraya) and Terminal Putra LRT Gombak. There are also express buses from Singapore and other states across Malaysia (check local listings).
As Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development, the theme park, hotels and attractions on the peak are connected via a maze of walkways and passages, making it relatively easy to cover the entire place in short time. Many visitors will use the cable car service from Genting Skyway in Gohtong Jaya town, as it's a convenient way up the peak with dramatic views of the valley. At the peak, the main road travels through and around Genting Resort in a loop, with a junction to exit downhill back to Kuala Lumpur via the Chin Swee Temple Bypass. As the road is steep, drive slowly and be gentle on the brakes.
Genting Attractions
The main attraction of Genting is its nature. Imagine: the temperature inthe valley is +32, but here, at a height of more than fifteen hundred meters above the sea level, is always cool. Malaysians, who had never seen snow, experiencing a real delight finding themselves in these mountains, and seasoned tourists begin to breathe deeply here: "Finally. Cool!"
As for entertainment, the first thing you should visit is casino. Hundreds of Chinese people leave here thousands of dollars every day without batting an eye. One-armed bandits and poker are the most popular finance absorbers. The system itself is not likely let you win the amount more than was invested in it, unless you happen to be lucky will not become thus 0.000001% who breaks the jackpot. For some a casino is good tool to kill the stress, for others on the contrary. In any case, good luck, and let the fortune be on your side at least once here.
Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Showcases more than 500 exhibits from the collection of Robert Ripley. You will be amazed with the 11 themed galleries within a 12,000 sq ft area with interactive displays. It will take approximately 45-60 minutes for one person to completely walk throughout the whole museum. Ripley's Believe It...Or Not! is a chain of museums worldwide. The idea began with journalist, explorer and traveller Robert Ripley (who looked remarkably Dracula-esque in his youth) who published a newspaper page for syndication, which contained interesting facts, pictures and puzzles. There have also been numerous books and (in the nineties, I think) a TV series narrated by Craig Charles. Over time, he collected millions of artefacts, and since his death these have been displayed in numerous Ripley's museums around the world.
Flying Coaster
You're flying down with a speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour from a height of about four meters, strapped to an iron booth with three same screaming teammates nearby. Pure adrenaline. Zero gravity. Space overload. To experience the joy for yourself, you need to be at least one hundred thirty-seven centimeters from the ground.
Snow World
Experience snow in Malaysia and in style! Snow world in the theme park of Genting highlands is a great way to feel the chill and carve your own snowman. The snow world is not just about an artificial snow park but also has different attractions and intricately designed interiors that will make you travel into a world of snow. You can walk through The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept which has authentic streets as animated and rhythmic lights twinkle from the windows of the shops which houses an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery, an Italian Pizzeria as well as shops displaying Spanish red wine, Dutch clogs and Swiss chocolates to experience the culture and heritage of different countries. You have to see the day-night LED Light Animation Scheme, visit the lookout point, the warm house and have fun at the Play Slide for the Cresta Run Toboggan Slide and a grand Snowball Time.
Sky Venture
Located at Level 2 of the First World Plaza, the Genting Sky Venture is a must try for those seeking adventurous activities. Imagine yourself sky diving without a parachute or jumping out of a plane. The one and only sky diving simulator in Asia, the Genting Sky Venture is a state of the art sky diving wind tunnel with a maximum speed of 120 mph winds to keep you airborne.
Don't worry about not knowing what to do, there are many nice and helpful instructors there to help you.
X-pedition Wall
If you thought Spiderman is the only one who can climb walls, think again. Let go of your fear of heights and give rock climbing a shot at X-pedition Wall, stretching to 50 feet in height, in the first World Indoor Theme Park. So, take over the high wall marked with uneven boulders and embrace your adventurous side.
Genting International Showroom
The concert and banquet hall with tables and menus for one thousand seven hundred people, where you can watch latest shows with good sound and light. Most often it is musicals and occasionally jazz festivals.
Pavilion Hall
This concert hall has seats for six thousand people with a huge stage. Russian ballet on ice is among these performances.
The huge modern complex featuring the latest movies. As in all things: great sound, a huge screen, immersive, popcorn, potato chips with cheese sauce and harmful soda with red label.
Souvenirs in Genting
Souvenirs in Genting can be found in the stores, and there are stores almost everywhere in Genting. First World Plaza perhaps is the best place to spend the money wisely or not much wisely and fill the luggage overweight, which will form very heavy load on the scale at the international airport before your flight back home.


Genting Highlands has a spring-like climate, with yearly temperatures no higher than 25 °C and rarely falling below 14 °C yearly. The lowest temperature of Genting Highlands is 8.4 °C