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Common description

Ipoh town in Malaysia, the capital of Perak. The population is 710 thousand people. Ipoh has become one of the main cities of Malaysia at the turn of the XIX century, due to the booming tin mining in the region. There are several notable buildings of the time of the British colonial period, including the train station.


Ipoh is situated in about 200 km from the capital - Kuala Lumpur, on the banks of the river Quinta, at the confluence of several smaller rivers. The city is surrounded by limestone hills extending in suburban areas to the northeast, east and south-east of the city. Local climate can be characterized as equatorial, temperature fluctuations throughout the year are slight. The average temperature is of 27 ° C, the average amount of precipitation is 2340 mm per year. The rainiest month is November (320 mm), the driest is February (70 mm).