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Johor Bahru

Common description

Johor Bahru is the second largest city after the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur and, concurrently, a city that is tasit "gateway" to Singapore. This lively capital of the southern state of Johor is a bustling and cheerful tourist center with modern shopping malls, entertainment venues, numerous restaurants and hotels of the international level. However, a special flavor Johor Bahru lies in its special rhythm of life. Thanks to a combination of their own well-being and proximity to Singapore, is always full of foreigners, both tourists and business people. By the way, most of the guests are Singaporeans who come here on vacation. For this reason, multi-cavity circuit that connects Johor Bahru to Singapore, is always filled with buses, cars and motorcycles.


This area is dominated by the equatorial tropical climate, so the weather here the whole year is hot and humid. There are no significant changes in temperatures here, and on average, the air warms up to +26 ... +30 ° C. In general, the weather in Johor Bahru is always great, so you can come here throughout the year