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Common description

Once Pangkor Island has been popular among fishermen, traders and even pirates scurrying (hanging around) in the waters of the Malacca Strait (Strait of Malacca), butOverview nowadays it is a favorite vacation spot for many Malaysian tourists. One would think that it’s just another paradise island with good hotels, nice beaches and all that is so attractive in a relaxed holiday on the shore of turquoise sea. But Pangkor has one unique advantage: it can be easily walked around. The Island is crowded on weekends and holidays, but it is quiet and calm during the week. The season here lasts all the year round.


Pangkor almost always has good weather. The air temperature is stable all year round and is + 30-33 degrees C. The temperature of the water is also comfortable - an average is of + 26-30 degrees C. The best time to visit the island for the purpose of diving - from May to October. Tourist season on Pangkor open throughout the year.