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Common description

Perak - is a state (sultanate) as part of Malaysia, in the northwestern part of the peninsula Malacca, Perak river basin. Perak is one of the most economically developed states in Malaysia. It holds much of the production of tin ore (Valley of Quinta). Perak is known for its beautiful limestone hills, which have two famous cave temple - Sam Poh Tong Tong and Perak. In the north of the state in a large bird sanctuary Kuala Gula you can see more than 100 species of birds. The same state is an island Pangkor - place, famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. Nipah Bay is considered as the most beautiful beach on the island. Attraction of Batu Gajah is Kelly Castle, built by Scotsman William Kelly Smith, the owner of the rubber plantation. City Lumut is a small cozy town on the shore of the Andaman Sea, located in the picturesque bay. It is interesting because there is the main base of the naval forces of Malaysia and along the city's waterfront, you can see the old sailing frigates, turned into a museum.


Perak has tropical climate. In the town of Perak during the year falls a significant amount of rainfall. Even during the dry months of high precipitation. The average annual temperature in Perak is 21.0 ° C. Rainfall a year counts 3039 mm.