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Common description

Back in the seventies, the «Time» magazine named Tioman one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Today, as back in those times, once getting here it seemstioman-sea like Eden still exists, and at the start your mind even refuses to believe that this beauty is available to everyone. Gently fringed velvet lagoons with soft golden sand, Tioman lies far from any hustle and bustle, lulling his guests by the sound of azure waves and whispering jungle. The tourist season on the island runs from February to October. Snorkeling, diving, watching the turtles who return here each year to continue the offspring, lazy swinging in a hammock stretched between palm trees at sunset, or walking through virgin forests - all this makes Tioman desirable place for recreation, which beauty is simply unforgettable.


Tioman is known for its very mild and stable all year round climate. The temperature of air and water in the course of the year changes slightly from month to month.The average temperature during the day is 32 degrees C.