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Common description

Sentosa or Blakang-Mati is an island in the Indian Ocean, belongs to Singapore. The island is considered as one of the world's largest amusement parks, and it has numerous attractions such as Fort Siloso, Aquarium Sea Life, Merlion statue, five-star hotels, sports and beach facilities.
On the western side of the island, Fort Siloso was served as the main reference point in the approach to Singapore from the west during the Second World War. Fort was built by the British Army in the 1880s to protect the narrow entrance from the sea in the Strait of Keppel. It was later re-equipped and modernized in 1939 and was armed with 150 mm guns and two rapid-Mark2 twelve pound barrels.


The island is located just one degree north of the equator and has a tropical rainforest climate, making it humid, rainy and hot throughout most of the year. There are no distinct seasons such as summer or winter. Instead, there are periods of several months when the monsoons come from the northeast or southeast and dominate the weather patterns. Tourists can expect to see frequent downpours during the monsoons. Depending on the time of the year, wind speeds can reach up to 50km/h depending on their direction. Sentosa gets less rain and wind in the periods between the monsoon seasons.