Our booking system provides the ability to import prices in real time with downloading updates, SPOs and Promos.


We provide access to our XML API to the companies that have an agreement signed with us (you can download the Agreement HERE ).

There are two access options: 

Direct connection to our XML API, - we provide access and specifications.

For Samo-tour and Master-tour users - connection using the import price module from ZelSoft company.


1. Using direct connection to our XML API - provides you an opportunity not only to receive actual prices, SPOs and PROMOs, but make reservations in real time (in this case, you should have your own software  on your website.

Specifications can be downloaded here:  EAT-XML-Gate-API and EAT-XML-Gate-API-Static.

URL XML API : http://online.embassyalliance.com/gate.php/xml


2. Using the import price module for Samo-tour and Master-tour with import prices profile of from inbound tour operator Embassy Alliance Travel - allows you to download prices (SPO and PROMO) of about 400 hotels in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (Bali island).
    For assistance in setting up the profile, - companies with a valid subscription can just contact
ZelSoft - sending a request to the technical support: support@zelsoft.ru

ZelSoftcompany’s import price module for Samo-tour and Master-tour description.

Video 1 (Import prices using the import module):


Pages of module description on ZelSoft website:


                                 Master-Tour      Samo-Tour


Video 2 (Import prices with Embassy Alliance Travel profile):



In order to gain access, in both cases, kindly send an E-Mail request to: it@embassyalliance.com with provision of the following information (in English only):

Name of Company :
Country :
City :
Address :
Phone :
Mobile Phone :
Web: www.
Skype ID:
User :
First Name :
Last name :
Login :

Company logo (horizontal, jpg or png, in height of no less than 110 px).

Scanned copy of the agreement signed (Download Agreement  DOC или PDF).


We wish you every success! 


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